Puja trading knows that you can care how information about is used and shares and we value your privacy, we may ask only specific information to share about the latest update about the products and the good you are searching for.

When you use of our contact page to send us a message, we only ask basic information about you including your email address, phone number and name and this will be not shared with any third party.

The customers that have already an account and log in on our website,  will view the temporary cookie that can discard if you close it. Your security is our priority; this is not accessible to the third party, so you cannot bother about any toxic reports.

The only concern, that we ask customer name and email address, to ensure that the first person is using our website at the same time we don’t use the personal information for a long time to identify the natural first person.

If you used our website, and you pass your email name and password to the next person, you shall be responsible for all activities that under occurred in your account.

The use of this website for buyers, who wants products and services from us, under the age of 18  shall not register as a buyer of Puja trading.

Puja trading ensures you that contract of sale of product and services is only between the buyer and seller and would not share with the third party.

A customer doesn’t have the right to use another person’s name, email address or phone number, if you do so, it can be misleading to our seller.

We have the right to take an

Action on Toxics reports, including hacking, abusive, threatening and defamatory. So please use this website for buying and selling.

Users shall not use any page scrap, deep link, spiders, algorithm, automatic device, and robots for misleading us. If you do so, we have a right bar to take an action on your unauthorized activities.

Users have the right to discuss the difficulties with our customer executives, but shall not use any abusive tone with them.

Always share basic information like order ID, email address, name and contact information with the customer representatives, if you share any bank information including bank account number, OTP  we are not responsible for any consequences.

Users are prohibited to the website and content for any unlawful purpose, otherwise, we can charge strike action towards you.

User shall responsible to update information from time to time,  for ensuring us that such information that you submitted is accurate.

All purchase products on this website by users shall be compulsory in Indian Rupees acceptable.

We are not only protective of our internal data records, but also for the customer private information. Because customer information is our most important assets and it comes before the profit of our business. So, don’t be afraid to enter basic information before buying anything because this website is completely true, accurate, not misleading and true buy products for all users.